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Aggregate Energy Programs

UPDATE:  Residents enrolled in the natural gas aggregation program should have received a letter from Duke Energy notifying you IGS Energy will no longer be the aggregation’s supplier.  This comes as a result of the City’s decision to not renew the natural gas agreement with IGS Energy upon its expiration in October 2016.  Your natural gas supplier will now revert back to Duke Energy.


The City has determined it in the best interest of residents to discontinue the natural gas aggregation program at this time.  The goal of the aggregation program has always been to locate the best possible rate and supplier for the residents of Springdale.  Working with a consortium of other local governments as we have done previously for the aggregation program, the City sought competitive proposals from natural gas suppliers in advance of the expiration of the agreement with IGS Energy.  Unfortunately, the rate proposals received were not favorable in comparison to the rates being offered by Duke Energy. 


The City’s certificate with the Ohio Public Utilities Commission remains active until February 2018.  If we are able to locate a lucrative rate and reach an agreement with the supplier, we have the ability to re-establish the natural gas aggregation program. 


Although the City is not entering into an agreement with an alternative energy supplier for the natural gas aggregation program, residents are still able to enter into an agreement with a supplier of their choosing.  As always, we encourage residents to be fully aware of the terms and conditions of any agreement they choose to enter. 


If you were part of the City’s natural gas aggregation program, you will not be charged a $4.00 switching fee since you are returning from a community-sponsored governmental aggregation program. 


The City’s agreement with IGS Energy under the electric aggregation program will remain in place through October 2017.  As the expiration of that agreement approaches, the City will re-evaluate the program and its potential to realize a cost savings for our residents.

    The IGS telephone number is 800-280-4474.
Electric Aggregation Program

  The electric aggregation will run from November 2014 through October 2017 with a rate of 5.81 cents per kilowatt     hour.